Meicon 2K Thinner Normal 5 liter
Meicon 2K Thinner Normal 5 liter

Meicon 2K Thinner Normal 5 liter

Product No.:
2-3 days 2-3 days  (abroad may vary)
42,25 EUR
8,45 EUR per liter

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Mirka Gold Abrasive  Ø150 mm, P 80-500

This durable, all-round sanding material is very well suited for high speed sanding in a multitude of applications.

Gold feature:
Semi-open and special stearate coatings designed to prevent clogging and pill forming which helps achieve an optimal sanding result.

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0,33 EUR per Disc(s)
Mirka Iridium Multihole Abrasive Ø150 mm, P 80-600

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Mirka Sanding Pad Role grey/red 115mm x 10m
MIRLON sanding fleece is specially developed for sanding of surfaces treated with topcoat, should be primed or painted.
The products work great on wood, plastic, metal components, as well as painted surfaces.
Grain: silicon carbide / corund.
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Meicon 2K MS Hardener medium 5 liter
Hardener for the correct use in Meicon Carpaint-System products
Our own brand - products from a well known german manufacturer
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