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We are still your reliable partner in the car body painting sector
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We supply you with mixed paints from the following manufacturers:
Standox, Glasurit, RM, Spies Hecker, Sikkens, PPG, Nexa and DeBeer

Our advice

Glasurit P-C-92 Clearcoat extra matt 0,75 liter
ProClass – Klarlack speziell für Basislacke der Reihe 90.
Effizienter Klarlack – matt.
Zur Reparatur von matten Originallackierungen..
69,95 EUR
93,27 EUR per liter
Sikkens Superior Medium HS VOC Clear Coat 5 liter
Mixing system for waterborne basecoats used in automotive refinishing.
Mixing formulas for the whole range of (solid, metallic and pearl-effect) colours needed in automotive refinishing are available.
217,18 EUR
43,44 EUR per liter
3,5 liter Standox 2K HS VOC System Filler grey U7540
Technical Description
Mix 7:1 with all Standox VOC Hardeners or Mix 4:1 with all Standox HS Hardeners.
Force drying possible.
Air dry overnight / 18-22°C.
146,82 EUR
41,95 EUR per liter