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Nitril Disposable Gloves black powderfree Size M/L/XL
Nitril Disposable Gloves black powderfree Size M/L/XL

100 pieces

22,55 EUR
0,23 EUR per piece
Meicon PSB Paint System Cups Mini 180ml, 125µ incl. collar (compatible with 3M PPS 16752)
50 Cups with 180ml capacity, 50 covers 125µ and 20 caps
This cup-system enables a clean paint processing with basecoat, topcoat, clearcoat, filler etc.
Compatible with 3M PPS 16752
1 Collar inclusive
53,49 EUR
10x 3M Standard Feinstaub Partikel Filtermaske 6922 FFP2 mit Ausatemventil

Feinstaub Filtermaske P2 06922 mit CoolFlow Ausatemventil

  • Partikelmaske für Schleifarbeiten auf mindergiftigen Untergründen
  • FFP2 – Zuverlässiger, wirkungsvoller Schutz vor feinen Partikeln
  • Langlebige, formstabile Innenschale
  • 3M™ Cool Flow™ Ventil: Das Cool Flow Ventil verhindert Wärmestau, damit Arbeiter selbst unter warmen und feuchten Bedingungen über einen komfortablen Schutz verfügen.

Pack mit 10 Stück.

35,11 EUR
3,51 EUR per piece
Respirator Protection Level KN95, corresponds to protection level FFP2 - pack with 10 pieces
Respiratory masks GB2626-2006 Protection level KN95, corresponds to protection level FFP2.
With elastic bands and customizable noseband.
10 pieces hygienically welded in a foil bag.
The bag can be closed airtight again after taking one or more masks by a zip closure.
17,85 EUR
1,79 EUR per piece
Atemschutzmaske, Mundschutz AKA, entspricht Schutzstufe FFP2  10 Stück
  • ohne Ausatemventil
  • hohe Filtrationseffizienz
  • niedriger Atemwiderstand
  • bequem zu tragen
  • Filterklasse: EN   149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP2 NR Weitere technische Eigenschaften:
  • Ausführung: ohne Ausatemventil
  • Norm: EN 149
  • Inhalt je Karton: 10St.
  • CE 2841
19,66 EUR
1,97 EUR per piece
3M Atemschutzmaske 06936+, Schutzstufe FFP3, mit Ventil 1 Stück - Kopie
  • Original 3M Atemschutzmaske 06936+, Schutzstufe FFP3, mit Ventil
  • 1 Stück
23,21 EUR
2,32 EUR per piece
Spies Hecker Set 8810 HS Speed TEC Clearcoat 2 Liter + 3250 VHS Air Dry hardener 1 liter
Original Spies Hecker clearcoat and hardener set consisting of:
  • 1 x 1 ltr. Spies Hecker 8810 HS Speed clearcoat
  • 1 x 1 ltr. Spies Hecker 3250 VHS Air Dry hardener
A revolutionary fast cure, low energy clearcoat with the best performance in the Speed-TEC System.
Thanks to its filling power and vertical stability, it is very easy to apply.
Its improved drying properties give bodyshops the opportunity to save time, to increase efficiency and to minimise energy consumption.
Mixing ratio 2:1
154,28 EUR
Mirka Abralon Handpads 115x140 mm, P2000 Special Offer
Abralon is a unique, multifunctional sanding material developed for tackling both smooth and profiled surfaces.
Its patented, flexible construction allows it to create a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces and edges while minimising the risk of pressure marks.
28,56 EUR
1,43 EUR per piece


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PPG D820 Adhesion Promoter 1 liter
D820 is a transparent ready-for-use adhesion promoter for plastic substrates. It is suitable for use on a wide variety of plastic composites used on modern motor vehicles.
Only 38,68 EUR
Spies Hecker 6050 Hi-Tec  Additive 1 liter
Permahyd® Hi-TEC Base Coat 480 is an innovative waterborne base coat system.
All solid colours and effect colours for passenger car refinishing can be mixed from this system.
Only 57,36 EUR
Sikkens Autoclear LV superior reducer slow 1 liter
Autoclear LV Superior Reducer Medium; spot and panel repairs at 20°C-35°C
Only 17,85 EUR

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New product

Nexa VOC HS Clear Coat P190-6570 5 liter Damage
Original Nexa Clear Coat for your car paint mixing machine.
135,00 EUR
27,00 EUR per liter