3M Jupiter Powered Air Turbo 50682
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- Protection from particulate and/or gases and vapours
- Full compatible with all 3M Versaflo headtops and breathing tubes
- modern, ergonomic design
- 5 filters for wide range of applications
- Decontamination comfort belt for improved fitting and easy cleaning
- can be worn during shower contamination
- intrinsically safe kit option
- optional braces
- audinle and visual alarms
- intelligent battery charger - two options of battery life

3M Jupiter Powered Air Turbo Starter Kit
This Starter Kit includes a standard Jupiter turbo including decontamination belt and clip, filter gaskets, air flow indicator and calibration tube as well as a pair of organic vapor and particulate (A2P) filters, pre-filters, self-adjusting breathing tube, 8 hour rechargeable battery (NiMH) and battery charger.

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3M Full Mask Start-Set Medium/Large
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- Available in 2 sizes 
- Twin filter design provides low breathing resistance 
- Soft, lightweight, elastomeric face piece 
- Cost-effective replacement filters 
- Unique 3M Bayonet filter fixing system 

Set contains:
1 x 6800S or 6900S
2 x 06915 Active Filter Cartridges
2 x 5935 Particle Filter
2 x 501 Filter Body Lit
10 x 105 Cleaning Tissues
25 x 6885 Visor Protection Foil

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3M Half Mask Start-Set Medium / Large
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- Available in 2 sizes 
- Utilises all of the 3M™ 2000, 5000 and 6000 Series Filters
- Soft silicone material provides unparalleled wearer comfort
- 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve provides easier breathing and reduced heat and moisture build-up
- Unique head harness and yoke design provides greater stability and more comfort
- Durable and reusable respirator with replaceable parts

Set contains:
1x Box

1x Half Mask M / L
2x 501Filter Body Lid
2x 5935 Particle Filter

1x 2890 Glasses
1x 50367T Skin Care
1x 50371T Hand Cleaner
2x Ear Protection

2 x 6915 Active Filter Cartridges
10 x 105 Cleaning Tissues
2 x 06923+ Particle Mask

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3M Premium Paint Mask-Set 7500

Premium paint mask set including accessories in an airtight resealable and storage box. Now with increased protection level P3 for even better protection when working with modern paint systems.

Skin-friendly and very comfortable to wear mask made ​​of silicone. Patented Cool-Flow-Exhalation valve for easy breathing and reduced breathing resistance. Bayonet-click connection for easy filter change. Mask body in two sizes to suit any face shape.

Instructions for use:
For all painting, mixing of colors and use of adhesives. Compatible with 3M safety glasses.

Gas- / vapor filters always change after 1 week.

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