Nitro Universal Thinner 6 l
Nitro Universal Thinner 6 l

Nitro Universal Thinner 6 l

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19,11 EUR
3,19 EUR per liter

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Glasurit Fine Polishing Paste 562-1602 375 ml
With the fine polishing paste you achieve the perfect finish.
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3M Tack Cloth 07910
Excellent dust absorption
No adhesive transfer
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Glasurit 285-505 HS Primer Filler grey 3 liter
Efficient HS primer filler with excellent wet and dry sanding properties
High solids content; fast drying; good corrosion protection, good weathering resistance and good finish
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Glasurit 923-115 VOC Universal Clearcoat 5 liter
HS clear for 90 Line basecoat / clearcoat systems.
High solids content, safe to spray, excellent flow and levelling, fast drying, excellent surface hardness, polishing behaviour and tape resistance.
194,27 EUR
38,85 EUR per liter
3M Hookit 260L+ Abrasive Disc, Ø150mm, 15-hole, P 600-1500

The new successor of 3M 260L Hookit eccentric discs.
​High-performance abrasives for automatic elimination of defects on fresh topcoat

Ø150mm, 15-hole, P 600-1500
Pack: 50 discs
84,97 EUR
1,70 EUR per piece
Sia Air Velvet Discs, Ø150 mm P 500-4000

7940 siaair - Das perfekte Schweizer Finish
Ganz gleich, ob Mattieren, Feinschleifen oder Poliervorbereitung – mit der cleveren Technologie von 7940 siaair haben Sie die besten Voraussetzungen für ein perfektes Schweizer Finish im Nass- und Trockenschliff.

30,50 EUR
3,05 EUR per Disc(s)
Sia Speed velcro-discs 15-hole grain 40-600, Ø150 mm

Sanding of filler compound, polyester substrates, wood, metal, solid surfaces, composites and automotive finishes.
Shaping of primer filler
Producing a matt finish on lacquers
Smoothing of transitions, sanding out of rust spots and stone chips
Keying of new parts and factory primer
High-performance sanding minerals ensures very high removal rate and long life
Consistent, uniform finish


21,50 EUR
Skilled AM10 velcro abrasive, Ø150mm P 80-500

Professional abrasive disc with improved lifetime compared to other manufacturers.
Very high abrasion and slip perfect image even in low displacement of the eccentric grinder by using high-quality abrasives.
​The red stearate coating prevents static buildup, which leads to a higher extraction by the new 21-hole extraction.
​100 discs

30,52 EUR