Nexa Premium Filler SG 07 dark grey 565-5707 3 liter
Nexa Premium Filler SG 07 dark grey 565-5707 3 liter

Nexa Premium Filler SG 07 dark grey 565-5707 3 liter

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2-3 days 2-3 days  (abroad may vary)
120,84 EUR
40,28 EUR per liter

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Nexa Premium Filler SG 05 grey 565-5705 3 liter
P565-5701, P565-5705 and P565-5707 (P565-570X Premium Surfacers) are 2K HS acrylic
primer surfacers, designed for use under NEXA AUTOCOLOR® 2K topcoat systems. They
are easy to apply and sand and give excellent final appearance.
A range of Spectral Grey primers can be achieved using P565-5701/5705/5707, which
ensure that high quality colour matches can be achieved quickly and easily while optimising
topcoat usage
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Einfache Reinigung ohne Lösemittel, gleichmäßiger Auftrag der Spachtelmasse
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