3M Hand-Masker Clear Masking
3M Hand-Masker Clear Masking

3M Hand-Masker Clear Masking

2-3 days 2-3 days  (abroad may vary)
from 13,40 EUR

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Finixa standard paint absorbent masking film 4m x 300m CRM40
  • Corona-treated, semi-transparent HDPE film with Finixa printed on the paintable side
  • Statically charged and folded for application by one person
  • Semi-transparent for easy cutout
61,55 EUR
Profi Mask Masking Paper 22/60/90cm x 450m
Masking paper is designed for masking parts of the car body which are not to be over painted.
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3M Scotch Tape 3030
Das flachgekreppte Klebeband hat eine sehr gute Verarbeitbarkeit und ist für nahezu alle Anwendungen geeignet. Nicht für sehr lange Verweildauer auf dem Fahrzeug geeignet.
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B-Tec Cleaner For Water-Based Paints 3 l

Easy spray gun cleaning from water-based paint in automatic washers
The new B-TEC H2O-RK concentrated cleaner for water-based paint is the first cleaner designed for automatic and manual cleaning.

  • Cleaner is ready to use
  • First cleaner for water-based paint suitable for automatic cabinet washers
23,74 EUR
7,91 EUR per liter